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Default Re: Bullying: your worst stories

OK, this doesn't measure up to some people's experiences, but my worst have to be:
1. wanted to try out for a soccer team at our school, and as soon as I walked in the change room everyone started booing me and the 'cool kids' all teamed up on me and literally kicked me out. i tried to get back in but they held the door shut.
2. I wanted to sit beside some guys in our classroom and when i walked over they all stopped me and called me a fag, asshole, pussy, etc.
3. Just walking into random places and getting chirped by what seems like EVERYONE, 'cool or uncool.'
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Name: Steph
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Default Re: Bullying: your worst stories

I was the popular target for bullying.

1st Grade: This girl named Sarah made my life a living hell. During class, she'd always call me stupid and make me cry on purpose, then call me a cry baby. Stole $20 from me at the school's book fair. Accused me of peeing my shorts one time during PE, even though I didn't... it was a very hot day out and I was sweating a lot and wiping it on my shorts, got me in 'trouble' for that.

2nd-5th Grade: Not so bad, everybody left me alone for the most part since I oddly was one of the more popular kids during these years.

6th Grade: This was the year my parents split up. I became really quiet and withdrawn, a total personality flip from the years before. Got fat from being depressed and sitting around the house all the time, which the weight gain got me a lot of mean comments at school.

7th & 8th Grade: A couple of boys named Joe and Shaw made it a point to come up to me everyday for two years and say, "You're a fucking freak, you know that?". Got made fun of a lot for being overweight and having my hair cut like a boys. I got asked out as a joke all the time; One of those times I slapped the boy that did it because I knew it was a joke and left the class room to go cry in the bathroom. A girl named Jessica tried starting a fist fight with me in the locker room several times because 'You're really fucking weird, I need to beat some normal into you.'. ; On the home front, I had the step sister from hell at dad's house, Kylie: she lit my hair on fire when I was asleep, beat the shit out of me a few times, stole $150 from me one time, stole my valuable things and hoked them for money, had a couple of her guy friends do inappropriate things to me for her entertainment, always made fun of the way I looked... that's just the tip of the iceburg.

9th Grade: Still got called a lesbian all the time, but this year mostly because I was best friends with the only openly gay boy in the school, Tim, so people assumed I was homosexual as well. Got harassed for being friends with Tim by a few boys constantly.

10th Grade: The bullying stopped. Probably for a few reasons: A) People realized who my sister was, so that offered me some protection since people didn't want to fuck with her, she's dynamite in a small package. B) Tim dropped out at this point, and I grew my hair out over the summer, so the lesbian insults stopped. C) My first boyfriend, Sam, was one of those really cute but really shy guys that everybody liked, so after we started going out, people really left me alone.

So if you care to find me, look to the western sky.
As someone told me lately, everyone deserves a chance to fly.

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Old May 19th, 2010, 11:49 AM   #23
I Am Who Was
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Name: Niko/Sylver
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Default Re: Bullying: your worst stories

I wasnt bullied in Kindergarten(I never did that preschool/daycare thing) or in Grade 1 as far as I remember. I've blocked most of Grade 1 out due to unfortunate circumstances at home, but Grade 2 was my first experience with bullies. It was morning recess and one of my friends from kindergarten was a special needs boy. We were playing on the playground when some Grade 6ers came up and started taunting him. I told them to either play with us or go away, and they left, laughing. I got school notice at that week's assembly, for sticking up for those bullied. After that I got called a teacher's pet,suck up, and was pretty much the outcast of the school. It didnt bother me, I just kept on learning, and playing with my friends when it happened.

3rd Grade was spent half the year in one school, half the year in another school. The first half of the year was spent at a public school that big, bad, and scary. That semester I dealt with a physical bully and an emotional bully. The physical bully ended up being dealt with by me, and the emotional just kept on cussing me out, and calling me weak and pathetic whenever she could. The physical bully tried to punch me one day and I just kicked him in the stomache and he fell down the hill. The emotional bully I just ignored, it didnt matter to me unless she started in on my friends. Oh yeah there was another bully that was my friend... she and one of my other friends ended up fighting over me, and managed to stop them from fighting by them becoming each other's friends through me. I transfered to a new school after Christmas break, and there I had no issues really, other than some girls thinking I was a nobody because I didnt try to be popular, and all the guys liked me.

Fourth grade I waged war on the boys of my school, and they fought back. Ultimate boys against girls fights that year.

Fifth grade someone spread rumors about me being a slut because all I did was hang out with the guys, and rarely the girls. I ignored them and continued hanging out with them. Then the rumors started getting worse, saying I was off doing things(sexually) with my guy friends because I was an early developer.

Sixth grade things got worse. More rumors, more lying about me, most of my guyfriends stopped being friends with me and one even went so far as to call me a bitch in front of a substitute teacher that knows my family quite well, so the guy got called on it, but afterward the bullying simmered and the girls that were my 'friends' grew closer to me again, and I just tagged along sorta, not sure what to do.

Seventh grade was when the pot overboiled for me and the bullies. The first month we were all confused and scared, so everyone stuck together. Then after that first month, we split to our areas at lunch. We'd go to class together, everyone would pass notes about me to one another, then at lunch I'd ditch my bags at my locker and go outside to wait for my guyfriends to come out and play grounders. Everyone else would vanish off into the field with their friends. Rumors were spread some more, and just got nastier and nastier. Then one day in October I was on the playground with my friends, brought my backpack outside because I had had to copy my homework out again because someone had split water on it when copying off mywork. The main girl bullies came out and took my backpack, went through it and started throwing my stuff on the roof. I grabbed my bag out of their hand and they went off laughing at me. Two of my guyfriends that had stuck by me through most of this, went after them and got them to apologise to me and get the janitor to get my stuff down. I went to the vice principal at that time. Stupid me. After that they got nastier, and even worse than before. More rumors, more taunts at lunch. It got to be that I started skipping going to the playground to play grounders with my guyfriend, and started going and walking to his house and just staying there for lunch, this of course started the rumor up again that he and I were dating again. Yeah we did date, but then we figured out that we were better as friends. We ignored it, both of us were the bullies favorite targets. Things escalated to the extent that when my mom picked me up after school, I'd have red eyes from crying in the bathroom. The last straw came on June 14th, 2009. I'd started the day with positive thinking, and it lasted until lunch time. At lunch, instead of going to my friend's house, as he was out of town, I went to the playground. My whole grade kept the taunts going as they walked by talking to their friends and hating me. By my next class I was full of misery. MY next class was band, my favorite class that day. We were presenting posters that day and I was in a group with the main girls that were bullying me. I was the first to class, I sat in the corner by my instruments and played a few chords on my saxophone before the rest of the class came in. The girls came over and started telling me they'd make sure I'd never get to college, and I was worthless, and just kept telling me how I was nothing, and I'd never get anywhere. I broke. I curled up in a ball and cried. They laughed and crowded around so the teacher wouldnt see me because they knew me and the teacher were close. I managed to get up a few minutes later and walked through them to the teacher to ask him if I could call my mom because I was sick. I went and called her, she came and picked me up 20 minutes later, I was waiting in the class room for her, and the moment she got there, I grabbed my bag and left, telling her and the whole class as I walked out the door I never wanted to come back. The class started cheering and jeering at this point. The teacher was angry. He made them run laps around the school for the rest of the class, and made me go to the vice principal's to tell him who the main culprits were. When I said the same girls from earlier this year, the vice principal called the RCMP. It was the main girl that had three offenses against me on her record. Meaning I'd told on her 3 times. There were countless times I didnt. THe rest of the school year I was empty, and I switched to homeschooling. Now, almost a year later, I still flinch when my guyfriends mention her name.

Wow, nice textbook on my bullying history, eh?

Thank you Siobhan <3
Connor: We're not mean, you're just Canadian.
~Kyle Was Here, and Was Awesome~
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Malcolm Tucker
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Name: Mal
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Default Re: Bullying: your worst stories

Last three days...walking out on the street, called "faggot", "freak", and worse, had stuff thrown at me...I can't ignore it anymore.

"[...] I mean the guy is an epic fuck-up. Hes so dense that light bends around him."
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Old May 19th, 2010, 05:11 PM   #25
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Name: Brad
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Default Re: Bullying: your worst stories

some of these posts are extremly long and ive only had 2 brief bullying moments and both had links to me as a baby =P. My first one was when i was in year 3 some kid kept climbing on the urinals and perved on me while i was in the toilet. He was a trouble maker. And when i was in year 7 some year 11 taken the mic out of me because of some random stuff i did when i was 2-3 and being childminded while my parents wwere at work.
Now i am just who i am some 13 year old that is freinds with most of the year.
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Old May 30th, 2010, 04:48 AM   #26
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Name: Karen
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Age: 25
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Default Re: Bullying: your worst stories

Well, through elementary school I only got bullied by girls and they never used violence, they just used their mouth. Rumours, backstabbing, and they would tell me face to face how ugly I am, how pathetic I am for believing that anyone likes me or that Im popular, stuff like that. Everytime I told the teacher she confronted them and they used their angel faced apologies, and my teacher was convinced that it was a misunderstanding, even after 3 years.
Here in Norway, High School starts in 8th grade, so when we got a new class some boys started bullying me. And they used both words and voilence. Once we had P.E, (im very thin, and people love to tell me, so I pretty much hate P.E) we were supposed to jump over a 8ft tall madrass thing, and the class was in different groups so the teacher went from group to group. I didn't want to jump over it because I was scared they would make fun of me if I did. Two boys in my class went like "Come on! we wont laugh, promise!" after 15 minutes of arguing, I decides to do it, I went to the locker room to get my shoes and ran towards the big thing. I managed to jump over it, but in the air I noticed that someone had removed the landing madrass, and I felt my body slam into the floor. The next thing I remember was laying on the floor and hearing someone laugh so hard they couldn't breath. My head hurt so bad as I was lying there, but I stood up, and walked towards the locker room door. When they saw me, they started laughing even harder.
I think thats one of the crulest things anyone has ever done to me.
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Name: Aaron
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Location: Sussex
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Default Re: Bullying: your worst stories

Bullying is probably what has made me who i am today, sometimes its a good thing, other times its a bad thing. Everything changed when i got to high school, it didn't take me long to realise the clichs that were set upon people. Nothing big really happened until i started year nine, they started mixing our classes and we were pushed way out of our comfort zones. Having lost people as the year just started i changed from a happy go lucky kid to someone that barely even spoken to people, even when given the chance. People soon noticed that and i began to become the person they loved to torment every day. Rumours went around, i was taken advantage of, my locker was graffiti. It only started to get worse when an ex girlfriend, who i'd realised had taken advantage of me had set a rumour around i had forced her into sex, when in fact i was, and still am a virgin. This lead to the physical torment, i was beaten up several times, and actually led to the point of being hospitalised after having stuck up for my younger sister. from starting to make a few tiny cuts at the start of the year for relief, to making deep slices wherever possible on my body just to stay alive through out the days. the attacks slowly turned back from physical to mental and verbal, using whatever they knew about me as weapons. I don't really want to go into what was said. I couldn't wait to leave, as soon as it came i was out of that school like a shot. Needless to say, the positive side of what i've learnt is that i've been there, i've felt it, i need to help the people that are where i was at one point. The negatives? Well, the physical, and the mental scars will not leave me, and have affected a lot of how i view things, and paranoia of certain things repeating again. i guess thats it.
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Harley Quinn
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Name: Siobhan
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Age: 25
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Wink Re: Bullying: your worst stories

Well I guess you could say I've got two stories about my bullying. I'll start with the first one..obviously.

Okay, so I was bullied all the way through primary school. Basically, *I was bullied for literally anything, even if it wasn't my fault. I guess that's the way life works sometimes. Anyways, I was bullied for being a tomboy (girls that do what guys do but are still girls) basically, I played with boys, football everything, now people didn't like this, especially the girls. They saw me as a traitor, just because I wasn't like them. This went on all the through till I was about 10 year 5 or 6 I believe, I was demmed the outcast, nothing majorly bad happened in primary..just that I broke my arm (girls fault). I was picked on for my handwriting, yeah stupid i know but bullies are stupid nowadays.

As for the second one well; Secondary school, now this is where shit got worse you could say. I go to an all girls school, now while that seems all great and larry and whatnot. But it was actually the worse thing ever. I'll get a convo out that I had with Aaron (Kaius) and I'll let you read that I suppose, it'll be long and I doubt you'll read it but whatever. I'm bi/gay, and in an all girls ain't a good thing. I went through my whole year 9 being bullied at hated, because being in a girls school they all thought I'd hit on them, when in reality.. I wasn't going to. Whenever we have religious arguements about sexuality, it's always "siobhan would know, let's ask her". Hell even my my surname gets used as a gay bash "Gay-Han". Well, year 7 I basically ignored it, except for this one girl, I liked her all the way through to the end of year 9. Year 7 was the "I'm not exactly sure, this can't be me stage" Year 8 was when it all kinda began. French class (ew.) >.< we we're having a debate because we had a supply, topic was homosexuality, I avoided the subject like.. A lot, until one girl asked me about it personally. I was like "well, I guess you could call me curious.." well that was a mistake, she told everyone, but being in year 8 no one believed it. Then year 9 began; it was more obvious I liked the girl, people noticed, but I denied it. But I again, foolishly twards girl that I liked girls, it went around, rumors about me having sex with a girl, shit like that (I haven't). I'd get the "dyke" whispers in assembly, during football games and training, walking the halls, people talking about me, passing notes around. I found a note once in the summer ish. The note said "Siobhan the dyke, she should go die" I showed it to my HOY, she said she couldn't do anything about it because they didn't know who wrote it. It was this girl Whitney (the girl I told crush) shit went round that I "loved" her, which I didn't I was completly oblivious of it all. The girls form 9.2 hated me, she turned people against me, made people talk about me, I sat in form one day, crying my eyes out. Lydia, and Nora took my to the bathroom and cleaned me up, they were like "I know you're bi, what she's doing is wrong. I was in 9.4 (10.4 now) My form stuck with me. During that whole year I was taken out of lessons, asked what was wrong, I didn't say a word because in lesson I was about to kill myself, Andriana and Ciara stopped me. People never understood what it was like to be me at that moment in time. My teachers found out, the rumors got around that far, miss Nicolau, she knew from year 9 she's always supported me (bio teacher) Even now she checks up on me. It took me 2 years of fighting emotions off, to try and get people to shut up. Never worked, half the time I wish mum and dad knew, that way they'd know why I did things. But they'd not understand, sure my dad knows now, yeah, then he didn't understand, he blamed hormones. This girl, she gave me a note, I don't know her name but on it said - nope he's cool about it I suppose. The note it said " I know what you're going through, it's hard and one day you'll be free from those people that caused you pain for they are haters, I'm just like you " she was in year 10 from what I know at the time. It stopped for awhile after I told my HOY again, then year 9 sports day. The girl (Lala) asked me if I liked her, I said yeah. She said she's known but she didn't want to ruin anything and that I needed to back off, and hide it all. Now that I have been through all that shit, I've realised, things happen for a reason and if they didn't..hell who would I be? Sure I wish I didn't get the gay bashing and shit but I've moved on and things are looking up.

Be not afraid of greatness; some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon them.

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Name: Habib
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Default Re: Bullying: your worst stories

when i was in year 2,a kid mixed some clear glue with my drink bottle,i was sick in school then i was pushed in my pool of sick by the kid when i was puking.

In year 5 i refused cigarettes from some 'friends',i was the school swot,the geek,the nerd,i ended up getting beaten up and called names for the rest of the year.
From year 7-9 i was left alone,i kept myself to myself.
Year 10,my home life was hectic,i began cutting,i was labelled emo.
Until the end of yr 11,i was frequently attacked,ive had people hold me down and cut me because im emo and theyre being nice,they recorded videos of it and showed it to my parents and they beat me for that,they beat up anyone who befriended me because i was 'the only asian devil worshipping emo' in the school.
My life sucked.
The most recent thing that happened was a few days ago,after an exam in college when i was walking home through a park,i was robbed of my phone and mp3 player,they were going to hit me with a branch but they ran when they saw those cops that walk around everywhere.
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Name: Erika
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Default Re: Bullying: your worst stories

I never had friends when i was younger until a new girl moved to the school and decided to be 'friends' with me. I'd never had a friend so I thought that she was really nice, but she kept on kicking me and hitting me after a few weeks and she slammed my head into the bins a few times and she would steal stuff and put it in my bag or my tray and blame me for it. It carried on for about two years and I was constantly being beaten up. I told my parents and my teachers loads of times, and it wasn't like there was no proof because I was covered in bruises but none of them believed me and said that I was trying to get attention because she was such a lovely girl. On day when I was nine she put bluetack in my hair and rubbed it in (trust me, its worse than chewing gum) and so I had to have a massive chuck of my hair cut off to get it out, and she was kicking me under the tables so I finally hit her back and she told the teacher.
I was suspended for a week for bullying another student and I was made to stand in front of the whole class and apologise.

Another time when I was 11 I was on the bus and some older kids about 15 or 16 decided to steal my glasses and throw them out of the window and into them into the canal and my eyesight was so bad that it took me an hour longer than usual to walk home because I missed the bus stop as I couldn't see it which meant that I got lost, and then I couldn't find my way home because I couldn't recognise anything or read any of the signs.
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Default Re: Bullying: your worst stories

Uh. in the 3rd grade i was obsessed with Pokemon with my lil bro and a boy named Tim looked at me and asked me to come over, he was in 4th bigger and nice at first. first few weeks we played cards, then he started pushing me, sticking his tongue out and pinching me. I ignored it, i didnt no what to do, but the one random day three younger boys came and he payed then each $20 to help beat me up.

They pinned me against the wall, grabbed my groin, pulled my hair, i had to wear a pony tail, did two indian burns on me at once, stuck my face in a water fountain, threw dirt and worms at me, spat at me, shoved me so i fell and then kicked me and laughed, threatened they would follow me home and kill me, didnt know it at the time but they swore at me and flipped me off. Um...what else?? They poked my chest, pulled my ears.

And then in class i was called mean names bcs of my middle and nickname, teased cause i was quiet and vonurable, shy, new, not "cool", even though cool back then meant being boring. Left out on group projects, glared at, girls whispered rumors infront of me on purpose, and the teachers never noticed parents never saw difference in me.

the left out in class lasted forever until i was homeschooled. Now im off school dealing with crap.

I learned make up tricks to hide bruises and hrut feelings

And i had make-up tricks to hide my bruises and hurt feelings
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Default Re: Bullying: your worst stories

Since kindergarten I was never appreciated because I'm simply different than others. When I came to 1st grade everyone called me names and beated me up for NO reason I was always quiet in class an A student although a lot of people kept making fun of me 'til the 5th grade. Then it became worst I got beaten a lot more often and being called all sorts of names because of my appearence I was never liked by the teachers after because I changed , I changed cause of the bullying. I had my hair over my face so I didn't have to look at anyone, I started cutting myself, I started dressing in dark clothes at least tops because blood spots aren't seen very well on dark clothes. I started to be known as an "emo" and got bullied because of that. Friends are betraying me because one of them hates me a lot... The one that hates me, we used to be Best Friends.... Six years... It's over now. It's still like this I just can't stand it. I can only say bullying truly changed my life.
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Name: chloe
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Default Re: Bullying: your worst stories

I haven't been bullied that much but the one that i remember vividly is when i was 13. A couple of 'friends' all of a sudden started chasing me and shouting that they would kill me and things. After a good run they managed to catch me and pin me to the ground. There they started kicking and slapping me and then forced me to eat leaves and mud.

Other one was i guess when i was 11,it wasn't bullying but just a prank. A few of my freinds spilled water under my seat and on my uniform. I didn't took much notice of it and continued to sit in the class. Then all of sudden, when the teacher came in, they went up to her and told that i have peed in the class. That was so embarrasing.
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The Redlight Bandit
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Name: Jay
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Default Re: Bullying: your worst stories

Never had serious bullying issues. I try not to take shit from anybody, it's not worth it.

'The Redlight Bandit'
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Name: Sandy
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Default Re: Bullying: your worst stories

my experience with bullying was not as bad as some of the others but throughout middle school no one would really be my friend. the summer after 7th grade i was harassed the entire summer. i got calls from restricted numbers at all hours and i felt very unsafe. to this day i wont answer a restricted call. also, if i didnt answer theyd leave nasty messages, then when school started i was accused of harassing the girl who started this. this was not only one person, but alarge group of ppl who told the entire grade about it. i still get upset about this and i am going to be a jr in high school next year
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Name: Mohannad
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Age: 26
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Default Re: Bullying: your worst stories

I never really get bullied but once when I was at the school someone open up my book bag and put a bunch of condoms there after that someone pretend that he saw it by mistake, I was like "no silly i have nothing like that in my book bag" and everyone one was like "open it up" i said okay because I though there is nothing there, but when i did open it everyone start laughing and pushing me and throwing stuff at me even the teacher smiled. in the last day in the school my brothers and i rocked the shit of that class we throw water balloons at them and some pussy boys was like "ahh my hair" but i took my revenge of that bitches
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Name: Ryan
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Default Re: Bullying: your worst stories

wow, i feel bad for all of you... and i feel even worse saying that ive never been bullied. dont worry im not a bully, im just to big for anyone to pick on.
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Insanity Fair
Name: Abigail
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Default Re: Bullying: your worst stories

My worst bullying story: This kid was annoying me and all in my face. He was 11 years old. I was 13. He thought he was so funny pretending to be some sort of animal/monster/thing. I told him to leave me alone and he made some sort of growling noise and tried to bite me. I was already pissed off about something else and some annoying 11 year old trying to bite me was not what I wanted. So I pushed him. He fell down and hit his face on the tile.

People gathered around us as his nose bled like a fountain. Getting blood all over the floor, his shirt, and his face of course. You'd think someone who was such a scary, ferocious, biting animal/monster/thing would be able to keep his composure. But no he howled and balled like a baby. Because I didn't show any guilt or remorse for what I had done they took it as if I was a bully hurting younger children for shits and giggles.

I was suspended for 2 weeks and even when I got back it took a while before kids would sit at the same lunch table with me. That is my worst bullying story. Different from yours however it is from the bully's perspective.
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Name: Greg
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Default Re: Bullying: your worst stories

I cant stand fuckin bullies, people have bullied me before when I was like 5 or 6 but I cant really remember it that much but I know it happened. I remember one time some dickhead tried to bully me and I punched him and burst his nose when I was like 8, it was good. But if someone tries to bully me I wont take it, if someone hits me Ill fight back. I cant stand bullies. I fuckin hate the bastards, they are fuckin cowards and they themselvs are the victims.

Don't worry about a thing, cause every little thing, is gonna be alright
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Name: Bogdan
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Age: 25
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Default Re: Bullying: your worst stories

I had an anti bully strategy. make friends from day 1 and in case it failed a pepper spray .

If you ever think i`m lying i am sorry for just expressing my opinion
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