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Default Virtual Teen HQ Frequently Asked Questions. *Read Before Posting*

Thanks to Iceman for creating the original version, which I took and rephrased questions from.
Also, thanks to all of the helpful members who have answered these questions in the past, because I occasionally quoted you if there was a very detailed answer.

Quick Links:

PM Admins:


Edit Avatar: Here.
Edit Email, Username & Password: Here.
Edit Profile Information: Here.
Site Rules: Here.

1. Account Privacy

You can edit your Privacy options by going to User CP Your Profile Profile Privacy.

2. “This Message is Moderated”

If you have joined within the last three months, and/or you have less than 250 posts, you will see this message. It simply means that a moderator must approve your visitor messages before the other person can read it. It doesn’t mean you did something wrong or against the rules, but is used for your safety incase someone is trying to solicit you, send you inappropriate images or links, or anything like that.

3. Settings

You can change your user settings by going to User CP Your Profile, or, Settings & Options. This includes a number of different options on how the forum works and is displayed, what forums you can and cannot see, personal information, etc…

4. Why do you need 100 posts to send a Personal Message?

VT has a requirement to have 100+ posts in order to cut down the amount of harm a spammer could do before he/she was stopped.
This is also set in place to protect members from being harassed or solicited by other members. This rule is for your own safety and security on the site, and will not be changing any time soon.

5. How will I know if someone replies to my post/How do I subscribe to a post?

You can go the thread you wish to subscribe, and at the top go to Thread Tools, and Subscribe to this Thread. You can choose to get notifications sent to your email or to be displayed above your rep in the User CP section.
Also, there is a new "Quote" Feature which has recently been added. This add-on is found on your User Profile, under the "Quotes" tab. It will show which members have recently quoted you, and the thread/post they quoted you in.

6. How do I change my time zone?

You can change your time zone by going to User CP Settings & Options Edit Options, and scroll down to Date & Time Options.

7. How do I create a social group?

When you have accumulated 500 posts, you are allowed to create a group.
To do this, you go to the “Community” tab, click Social Groups, scroll to the bottom, and click New Group.
If you have less than 500 posts, you can ask a member to make one for you, and then transfer ownership once you become eligible.

8. How can I change the skin of VT?

Scroll down to the bottom of the page and at the bottom left hand side you will see a box under the Posting Rules.
Click on the box and you may select the skin which you desire.

9. Signatures

You may create your own signature within the rules, and/or you may visit here and ask one of the signature creators to make one for you. (Follow the guidelines they provide in their own thread).
Follow these instructions if you'd like to upload a created signature image.

10. How can I delete my account?

The truth is you can’t, just log off and don’t sign back in if you wish to "delete" your account. You can change your password to something you will never remember (i.e. relkdjvhakbdsvkasd), and edit all of your posts and information if you are truly worried. This is because, for example, if a member is deleted, gaps in threads appear, and it becomes quite hard to read, sometimes impossible to read, among other reasons. You may also ask a moderator to delete your posts, and they will if they feel it is necessary.

11. Why does my profile only show my last 400 posts?

This is put in place to help reduce the load on the server.

12. My post aren’t counting.

In the VT Arcade, Member Diaries, and the Introduction Section, your post count does not go up. This is to prevent a member from spamming to 100 posts, and abusing the PM system. It is once again done for the safety of everyone here.

13. What does frozen mean?

When a member is frozen, it can mean a number of different things:

1. They (the user[s]) have accumulated too many infraction points and they have earned a 3 or 7 day freeze, also known as a temporary ban.
2. They have been frozen by a staff member for either seriously breaking rules, are here for the sole purpose of advertisement, or have done something serious enough to be banned but a senior staff member is not around at the time to ban them at that time.
3. They are under the age requirement to sign up at and have been frozen until they are of the age to sign up. This is usually done for about 12 months.
4. A senior staff member has frozen them for a set amount of time for an offense, (this could also be requested, on rare occasions).
~Thanks to Mike (ImCoolBeans for originally posting this.

14. Does VirtualTeen have an iPhone/Android app?

No, it does not, and the app "Tapatalk" is not currently compatible with the VT Forums.

15. How do you make a diary?

You put your diary information on this thread, and you are put on a waiting list. Old, inactive diaries are deleted, so new ones may be added. It may a few weeks before you’re diary is added to the board, but it is just to reduce the load, and clutter of the server and index. Also, if you ever want to add or delete a mod from your forum, or have a general question about it, post it in the "Diary HQ" Forum.

16. How can I change my Username?

From the time you create your account, you are automatically entitled to one username change, if you'd ever want to. Once you change it the first time, you must wait 180 days to change it again, and the same goes for a 2nd, 3rd, etc… time(s). If you believe that your username is jeopardizing your privacy, and you cannot change it, under extreme cases only will an administrator change it for you. If you feel this is the case, PM an Administrator, and they will decide.

17. What can I post in my signature?

You may post:
1. A signature picture.
2. Links to websites that promote personal things (Flcikr and Tumblr are perfectly fine), which do not include, personal, or contact information (such as your Facebook, Skype or KiK handle, etc...)
3. Any other text you would like.

You may NOT post:
1. Obscene, nude, racist, etc… images, links, text, etc...
2. Any site that is for the sole purpose of advertising.
3. Pages, which contain your personal information, ways of contacting you, etc…
If any of this is seen, a member of staff will contact you privately, and ask you to remove it.

Any signature picture will be automatically resized to 400X125 pixels if it is too big; so keep that in mind as well when adding one.

18. Can I be unbanned from the VT Chatroom?

This is completely up to the Administrator(s). They are the only ones who can decide to lift the ban. If you’d like to ask, instead of making a thread, Private Message xXl0sth0peXx and they will get back to you as soon as they can. Remember, it’s a privilege to be able to use it, so treat it well.

19. How do I apply/become a moderator?

Mods are chosen in one of two ways:

1. There is an opening posted here. You write an application according to the guidelines in the thread, and the senior staff chooses the new moderator(s).
2. A senior staff member will PM you, and consider you as a moderator, without an application.

Do not ask to be a moderator. Just be active, dedicated to the site, and willing to help out whenever you can.
Also, if you apply to become a mod, there is no guarantee anyone will be chosen.

20. Why can’t I use HTML code?

This is for security reasons, and no member has access to it.

21. What is BB Code?

BB code is a set of tags based on the HTML language that you may already be familiar with. They allow you to add formatting to your messages in the same way as HTML does, but have a simpler syntax and will never break the layout of the pages you are viewing. The ability to use BB code is set on a forum-by-forum basis by the Administrators, so you should check the forum rules when you post a new message.
Check this thread for a complete list.
~This was taken from the thread linked above.

22. Can I delete my posts?

The short answer, no. This is so that gaps aren't created in threads, fights don't break out, posts against the rules are never noticed by mods, etc... If you feel for some reason you need to delete a post, you can either edit it to say something like this:

Originally Posted by StoppingTime
Edited by Steven

or report the thread, or ask a mod to delete it for you, if they feel it is necessary.

23. Why was this member banned?

Staff members are not allowed to disclose information regarding the banning of members.
If they were, fights could break out, and it is rude to the banned member anyway, so it is just not done.
Click this link for a full, thorough reason as to why we do not publicly disclose ban information.

24. A member is harassing me through PM, or offsite via social information I provided, what do I do?

If you ever feel threatened or harassed by another member, whether it be in PM, or offsite, contact a staff member immediately by clicking the button, and describe the problem. This will be sent to a senior staff member (if a PM, a regular forum mod if not), to be dealt with appropriately.
If this is happening offsite by contact information you posted here, you may contact a mod as well with the problem. Just make sure to provide evidence (screenshot, chat archive, etc...) so they can take appropriate action.

25. How do I add an avatar picture?

Click here. To do it manually:
Go to your User CP. On the left side, click Edit Avatar.
You may upload one, link from a website, or use a forum default one. Click this link to see what may and may not be used.

26. How do I add an album?

Click Here.
Go to your User CP, under Networking, click Pictures and Albums. Click Add album. Once again, these pictures must follow the rules of VT, or they will be removed.

27. How do I blog?

In order to use the blog feature, you must have 5+ posts. This is too make sure that bots and spammers cannot use them. To do this, go to the top of the page, click the "Blogs" link, and click Your Blog. There are many privacy settings found there as well.

This is the link to the blog home page.

If I have failed to answer your question, feel free to post it in the forums.

Here is the list of the current staff members, who are always here to help you with anything you may need.

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