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Old November 10th, 2020, 03:55 AM   #121
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Name: jay
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Location: GB
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Default Re: Have you been molested or worse? [TW]

Originally Posted by RoxasPup View Post
Thats the thing that confounds me on wether or not it was though. my mind wasnt saying no. i wasnt tramatized on it either and look back on it as a good memory myself ( what ever that says about my mind) i never thought about it being rape because i mentally and physically wanted to do it. I obviously gave consent even though the law says i cant. Im more confused about wether or not if its considered rape rather then the actual act it self. I guess im just weird like that ive never had a sex negative bringing up. maybe that is why?

to be fair there's a difference between the law saying you cant consent (due to them believing you're not old enough to realise what you're consenting) and you actually consenting. also the thing is you said you was like 9 and I believe you didn't know anything about masturbation or those "touches". Your mind was a child and of course it'd say yes to feeling good.

If you did know about it and was completely fine, then I guess you can say it's sort of acceptable as you consent, he wasn't hurting you and he wasn't taking advantage of it (this is kind of iffy thing to be truthful). Do wanna state a 13-14-year-old shouldn't be doing that with someone 2 years younger than them and/or someone below 12.

I don't think you're weird mate. also, I think it's because you trust your cousin, they didn't "abuse" you, and that they did it to bring you pleasure rather than to make themselves feel good. Not having a sex-negative background could have helped.
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Old November 14th, 2020, 04:04 AM   #122
Name: Cassie
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Age: 14
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Default Re: Have you been molested or worse? [TW]

On vacation last year
Older like late teens / early 20s
Didnt expect it, was so sudden from friendly to grabbing pulling at what I had on

Still wake up sweaty at night sometimes
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