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Old January 14th, 2021, 07:00 AM   #1
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Default Being compared

"in three words, I can sum up everything I've learnt about life. It goes on"

Being compared is one of the worst feelings. It is something many people have to go through from time to time. Sometimes society compares you with someone else, sometimes parents, sometimes we ourselves compare oneself to others.

I've been compared to multiple people on a daily basis by my parents. They have compared me to my sister and my friends. They always find something to look down on me, to prove that I'm not good enough. They have made it clear multiple times that they are ashamed of me.

The last exam I had was my 10th finals and I received 97.2%. Like any other child I hoped my parents would be happy but they weren't just because my sister got 98.2% in her 10th finals. They always compare me with her in the fields she is better in not in which I'm better. It is just one incident but I'm being compared to others in everything I do. It saddens me to great depth. It makes me feel that no matter how hard I try I'll always be a failure.

Everyone should know that they are enough the way they are. They shouldn't change themselves in order to be accepted. If people refuse to accept them for themselves then they don't deserve you. You don't have to be perfect, you just have to be good. Draw stick figures, sing off key, write bad poems, run slowly, play video games at easy. You do not need to be good at something to enjoy it. Talent is overrated. Do things you like doing. Don't change yourself to become someone you are compared from.

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Old January 14th, 2021, 05:38 PM   #2
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Name: Tay
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Default Re: Being compared

I get where you are coming from. My parents compare me to other people. Not as much now. Though I don't know why. But here's the thing. You gotta know that you're good enough and worth it. If you keep listening to the negative, you are going to start believing them. But listen you got this. Chin up, know you're more than what you think/realise. You got this Skye

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Old January 14th, 2021, 07:13 PM   #3
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Name: Andy
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Default Re: Being compared

You are YOU and there is no one else but YOU
so no matter what you achieve or try to achieve
you do your best and that would give you a good
feeling of self esteem.
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Old January 15th, 2021, 02:02 AM   #4
Name: Yasmin
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Location: Australia
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Default Re: Being compared

I get compared to my older sister a lot, not only by family but also teachers and family friends.

My sister was dux of the school, studying medicine, won scholarships, has the 'perfect' boyfriend and stuff. I am smart but not as smart, don't have any great desires in life yet, no 'perfect' boyfriend.

It gets annoying at times, but it is what it is.
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