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Old June 23rd, 2004, 01:06 AM   #11
Join Date: June 12, 2004

I do not know why you feel you need to insult me, and I find it to bad that you cannot try and see things in different ways, or at least allow the exploration to test your own faith. Many conservatives follow the bible without question, and I guess I can understand that. But you really do not understand liberal Christians if you believe your description. I believe what God says; humans are sinful, and corruptible. The bible is writing by the spirit of God, but the hand of man. More examination of the texts must be done, when inconsistencies between the bible and what science has proven occurs, passages must be looked at closer. I have to look and think, "Was the writer trying to say what I thought he was actually trying to say?" We can agree that many parts of the bible are not very direct in its language, with many sections created to be a single document and not a connecting section of a book. But please lets not get into this we are here for a different reason.
Once again I said nothing about being married in a church. Religion can have their own rules like country clubs do. No one is spitting anywhere. All I say is that homosexuals have the same civil rights as any other social, ethnic, religious, or racial group. Legally they have the right to civil unions, and to the same benefits as marriages, and heterosexual civil unions. Kerry and Bush are not very different politically.
And I know we have been at this for a while but we are not at the point to use politicians, as morality compasses are we? Washington had slaves, JFK sneaked away from his security and the man holding the nuclear launch codes to have sex with hookers endangering american lives. Nixon, almost all Presidents have had their own "sinful" acts. Clinton had oral sex with his intern. Is this where you look for your moral values?
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