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Default Re: Have you been molested or worse? [TW]

Yeah its happened to me numerous times in the past as a boy and early teens, mainly sexual abuse but sometimes physical abuse as well. For a good number of years I had to live in foster care system which is part of the reason why, I guess. I will also note here that stuff like this in general can happen to boys too, not only to girls. But thankfully all of that is in the past now. As for how it has affected me, I'd say it's difficult to forget my past completely and often I find myself having bad dreams about those experiences or otherwise have trouble sleeping in general and I've noticed that I'm often mistrustful of others. That said however, it has also given me a new perspective on life in general and has made me more grateful for the simpler details of life that many people take for granted. It is what it is I guess.
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