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koler looks like shes got the right idea.

OCD is often far more pervasive and intrusive than what you speak of.

What i do recommend is that you consult a counselour, doctor or otherwise about your behaviour. It's perfectly normal for you to have arguments with your parents, but throwing vases is a different story.

I'm not a professional, but your masturbation at exactly 8:10 or whatever time it was, looks more like a conditioned response, than an obsesive compulsive disorder. In english, that means you've learnt that 8:10 is wank wank time. Like if you gave a dog food at a certain time of day everyday, it might start dribbling at that time even before you've got the food out. So, simply stop masturbating at that time, and don't even bother to look at the time next time you do it.

The way you treat your mother still doesn't seem right - you really should talk to her about it, and apologise. Your behaviour towards her sounds much worse than your ritual masturbation.

Hoped that helped.

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