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Well, Jesus ended the Sacrifices for sins, at least.
Scripural reference, please? In Jesus' own words, of course. Because, as far as I am concerned, Jesus never said a single word about abolishing sacrifice. I would like you to provide some evidence for your claims.

Mathew chapter 5 is an interesting chapter to debate indeed. Yet, it still keeps makes homosexual acts a sin, and it still makes no recognition of a man-man or woman-woman maraige.
Fine. However, if you insist on following the Scripture in the matters of same-sex marriage, I will in turn insist that you follow all of it, or drop it altogether. In other words, I will insist that you follow every rule, including the one about killing practicing homosexuals.

Remember: you don't get to be lukewarm about the Scripture. You either follow it, or you don't. There's no middle ground here. You said it yourself, remember (in your little rant about liberal Christians)? Practice what you preach, Christian.
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