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just because something Can be changed doesnt meen they should, prohibiting gay marriage may cause a little emotional discord, but it isnt forcing young girls into marriage, slaughtering animals or using young males as sex slaves, pride Can be a feeling to exclude people, if thats how you feel you can have pride in it, japan segregated itself from the world for 150 years because they didnt want the influence of the outside world corrupting their people, japan is and always will be the nation that I most admire, they put a high value on honour, family and tradition~

Very irrational emotional place? HA, maybe if i was still 6, if my mothers lifestyle choice still effects me at all its in the fact that im stuck here arguing with a little try hard debatist who thinks about nothing but the emotions of the protagonist group, not the antagonist, and couldnt use a good example to save his life~

oh and your still excluding my main point, you cant change a religion, a tradition, fine, but to allow gay marriage would be to begin the slow dismantlement of the christian belief system, you can have any ceremony you want and have the law procaim that you are now joined as husband and husband or wife and wife, but you cant simply Change marriage because its part of a religion, hell, why not just start a totally new religion using the same beliefs of christianity~

bhuddist monks are supposed to be vegitarians, but some choose not to, they do not however press to change it so that monks dont have to be bhuddist, they simply live there own way without changing the religion, why cant the homosexual do the same thing, create a new procedure or ceremony for marriage without forcing change in one that has existed for over a millenium~

tiny rotting hole? nope actually i wouldnt feel bad or good if it became totally illegal for gay intercourse to occur, but if you havent noticed, thats just my belief and im not forcing it into anyones lives or religion, nor trying to bluntly force it into the skull of those who disagree~ why dont you do the same?
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