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Tradition is not something that is set in stone. It use to be tradition for girls to marry adult men around the age of 13. It use to be traditional to kill cattle during jewish ceremony. It use to be traditional for men to have boy sex slaves during the roman era. It also use to be tradition not to allow people who could not produce children to marry in the Christian church. Traditions are nothing more then patterns in society, pride is a feeling not an excuse to exclude. For you marriage means little, but for your mom it means a lot. If you are so concerned about marriage, why not be concerned with real problems, like the yearly divorce rate in the USA, or Reality Shows where people vote which people they see on TV get married? I can respect peoples beliefs when they come from rational thinking. But from reading your posts it seems like your beliefs com from a very irrational emotional place, and I am not the only one who thinks that. Before you cower, shielding your position under the words of tradition and pride think about where you are really coming from. I am just some guy on the internet, fuck me. REALLY look at yourself, because if you trip up now with something as important as your family, your life, no matter how good it may be will always have this tiny rotting hole.
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