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i said half the time because i live 2 weeks with my father, two weeks with my mother, baka

and i dont "Mind" living with my father either, and pride is a personal thing,and can be in anything,whatever you believe in. and i didnt put love anywhere in there, love is to strong of a term i think, i would do anything for my mother and father if they needed it,even give my life, but i still dont call it "love", love is something that causes you to think unrationally, and in terms of black and white, i see the world in more of shades of grey, there is nothing wonderful about marriage, its simply a tradition, it would hurt noone to change that tradition, but traditions are traditions for a reason, and it would do no good to change this other then satisfying a few desires while incuring the anger of the christian religion, if there is a wedding, it should have a totally different ceremony, and god should have no presence in it. when your looking at these sort of things you have to view them in a more pragmatic way, not just on your foolish ideas of "right" and "wrong", unless you believe that your opinion is faultless,

i think traditions need to be upheld, in my family, if a male is getting married his wife is being brought into the family, if a women is getting married she is being brought into a different family, where does a gay marriage leave us, none the better, you have your way of living and ill have mine, im indeferential towards my father as i am to my mothers mate, i simply used my own expierience as an example.

and while im posting, do you agree with interfamily marriages? its letting people do what they want, and its not hurting anyone, it has the same benefits and drawbacks of gay marriage, both go against tradition, and both of them are caused purely on what people Want to do.

phew ~end rant, on a lighter note, what do you guys think of my debating skills?
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