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Originally Posted by Jono
I have to ask though. What exactly are you against homosexual weddings for? You've yet to actually say why. Seems more like personal feelings rather than beliefs.

i dont mind living with both women, hell i dont mind having dinner with them half the time, i just don't want her in the family, its a discrace to my name,i was talking with my f.o.b. grandpa the other day and he agreed~

bottom line~ the lifestyle choice is all yours but don't force that lifestyle into someones family~

its not logical to not want her in my family, i suppose you could say its tradition or pride, two familys should not be merged unless a man and a woman are involved

So I say go ahead- love those of your same gender. Move in together, be proud of it. Just don't expect to be recognized as maried.-dsfg

^my opinion summed up i guess, i just have a little more experience
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