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Default Re: Read This ---> It Explains what Schizophrenia is.

Originally Posted by bigDAVE View Post
Hmm, this has scared me a little bit.

At night, I always hear people calling my name, loads different voices, over and over again.. I sometimes act like a younger child, but more often than not I act alot older than I am.. I often go in moods about little things, but maybe thats just because of my age..I am extremely paranoid. I go out in the street or to town and I always think people are out to get me, or following me.. I can never sleep at night because I'm so scared of house burglars.. Don't ask me why, because I sleep with two knives under my bed for this reason and if anyone broke in I would kill them, but I still cant sleep.. I hear the slightest of noises and I have to check the whole house.. I have never had a true friend, and I rarely keep the same friends.. not because they ditch me, because i hate them.. Not many people have alot in common with me.. So I dont think thats related to the one on the list but you never know..I get real bad anxiety from anything.. I refuse to go anywhere high..i dont like deep water.. i dont like rollercoasters.. i dont like anything fast except from cars..

I really hope I dont suffer from this but alot of those things on the list match up with my life..

What do you think?
I think you need to go to a psychiatrist to get checked out. Its not a big deal. You just tell him the truth about whats going on in your life. If you have it the sooner you find out the better meds can work for you.


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