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Default Re: Read This ---> It Explains what Schizophrenia is.

Hmm, this has scared me a little bit.

At night, I always hear people calling my name, loads different voices, over and over again.. I sometimes act like a younger child, but more often than not I act alot older than I am.. I often go in moods about little things, but maybe thats just because of my age..I am extremely paranoid. I go out in the street or to town and I always think people are out to get me, or following me.. I can never sleep at night because I'm so scared of house burglars.. Don't ask me why, because I sleep with two knives under my bed for this reason and if anyone broke in I would kill them, but I still cant sleep.. I hear the slightest of noises and I have to check the whole house.. I have never had a true friend, and I rarely keep the same friends.. not because they ditch me, because i hate them.. Not many people have alot in common with me.. So I dont think thats related to the one on the list but you never know..I get real bad anxiety from anything.. I refuse to go anywhere high..i dont like deep water.. i dont like rollercoasters.. i dont like anything fast except from cars..

I really hope I dont suffer from this but alot of those things on the list match up with my life..

What do you think?
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