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Originally Posted by matt36
I agree with most of you...drugs should be illegal. Did any of you hear about this one doctor who is giving out cocaine to addicts? The doctor claims that it is to keep the dealers and addicts off the streets...What do you think about this doctor's decision?
I don't think anyone here is supporting drug addiction, more like responsible usage. And myself, I see why cocaine and herione and others are illegal, they're highly addictive and can seriously shatter someones emotions. Pot isn't addictive and unless it's used too much (more than once a week, lets say) for a while, its fine.

drugs should be illegal, they are illegal, will always be illegal, and no matter how much you potheads rant the laws will never changes
So instead of presenting a real argument, you've decided to just accuse everyone of being potheads and be a bitch. I'm not a stupid pothead, I know exactly what I'm talking about.
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