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All i know is, from personal experiance, from reading professional experiance and hearing other peoples experiances, over 4 years of taking drugs i believe drugs should be completly legal.

Im not just saying this because i do them, ive read both the pros and the cons. I look at most government information on drugs, all it says is "drugs will kill you" basically, with all the bad nasty side effects that rarely take place if you are using responsibly. It's like passing out leaflets saying "Alcohol makes you groggy, vomit, give you liver failure" rather than saying "alcohol is dangerous in large amounts in unstable environments, yet if used responsibly can promise you a sociable night with friends, and most of all a good time"...

Marijuana has LONG term effects, but not PERMANENT effects.

Ecxtasy, MDMA whatever - I've tried it about 5 times, each time was excellent, i was always very aware of the fact i had just taken a class A drug, so i was also very careful of not drinking too much or too little water. Aslong as you are properly hydrated on MDMA, really there is no danger. Pills cut with dirty toxic chemicals or other drugs are RARE, people don't do that. Most people know their drug dealers personally, why kill your customers?

I agree with Dfsg on this one MDMA should definatly be lega, if it hadn't been glamourised by the press as the next 'big drug' which was being mass produced and sold all over America without police being able to do anything. The government obviously noticed that a huge amount of these pills were just being dished out everywhere and it looked like a bad image of drug abuse wide spread and the government not doing a thing.

The same thing would have happened to any drug like alcohol for example.

If alcohol had been invented recently, it would probably be Shedule 1 or class A drug, if the government noticed that thousands of people were getting intoxicated on a substance openly in public and causing crime while drunk, they would have made it illegal, but its been legal for so long..

Anyone with anti drug stances i ask you these questions...

1. If drugs were legal, why would there be more crime, a worse society etc? Is it because you think someone who sniffs one line of cocaine turns into an automatic psychopath whos fisrt thought is to kill? - I think if drugs were legal you wouldn't have something called a drug dealer, who can contaminate your drugs (which is what alot of people are afraid of), who can fund other worse things with his drug money (like to buy a GUN? or build an ARMY?)

2. If drugs are bad? Why is alcohol legal? Alcohol is a drug!

in the governments eyes drugs are bad FULL stop, the drugs which are most available are most dangerous to your health in their eyes, cannabis is shedule 1, LSD is lower in the shedule i believe, LSD is far more damaging than cannabis, yet its much harder to obtain.

So the government likes to make you believe things that aren't true, i can't blame Americans for not having a mind of their own.

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