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Default Re: Marijuana Vs Tobacco

One of the reasons why weed is illegal is because a long time ago, when they first started using hemp for paper, the wood for paper companies (with big rich political ties) didn't like it so they made it illegal. Also Weed does naturally have tar in it when it's pure but if you use a bong or a bubbler or a vaporizer or anything else with some type of filtering device it ususally filters out a lot of tar.
Weed is also better for you just because of the way people smoke it. Many people smoke 2 packs a day (40 ciggarettes) but no one could possibly smoke 40 blunts a day...i hope.

Also most of the chemicals are put in cigarettes to make them burn slower and more evenly even though they do make it more addictive and some are put in for this purpose only.
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