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Default Re: Marijuana Vs Tobacco

Contrary to popular belief the most up-to-date research suggests cannabis smokers are less likely to get lung cancer than non-smokers.

nicotine has some benefits - its a stimulant, a mild anti psychotic.

cannabis - pain relief, appetite ehancer (for aids patients), other diseases such as glauocoma etc

Physically - Tobacco smoking is far more dangerous than Cannabis smoking. Although there are less carcinogens in tobbaco, cannnabis smokers on average dont smoke anywhere near as much as tobbaco smokers, as it is not a chemically addictive substance. Cannabis smokers are less likely to develop lung cancer as a result of their smoking. So in conclusion, cannabis is PHYSICALLY safer than tobbaco, if smoking in average quantities.

Mentally - There is a high incidence of smoking amongst the mentally ill. Wether or not this is a cause or effect of certain mental illnesses, it may still suggest that smoking causes some mental health problems. For example, smokers on average report higher levels of anxiety than non smokers.

Cannabis on the other hand isn't so good for your mind. Although it can lift mood, and perhaps act as a mild anti depressant or for anxety can on the other hand trigger psycotic disorders such as schizophrenia in people who are predisposed to getting the disorder. It may also play a role in causing psychotic episodes in a minority of people who take the substance.

So - Smoking tobbaco bad for health! Smoking marijuana good/bad for physically health! Smoking tobbaco, not established good for mental health. Smoking cannabis, not good for mental health, at all..really!

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