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Yo man, if i may b alittle heartlez 4 a sec n say dat if she iz gone den shez gone and it ait gonna help eney1 if U start 2 drain ure blood 4 no reazon until u faint, but even if u cnt stop, jus DONt Die of drainage anywayz ive lost a few aswell, and therez 1 rule 2 get over the feelin of losin' a loved one and dat one rule is.....

1)GET OVER IT - aka the person is dead and not gonna suddenly gonna come out of nowhere and attack u in ure sleep

Tust me once u lose ure 2 brotherz, ure aunt,Grandad AND cousin in one friggin year den YOU'LL NO WAT I MEAN, I was wantin 2 hurt miself at first until I just decided 'what good is dat gonna do' n fored myself to forget by bangin my head agaist a wall or sumfin (dnt try dat tho, it hurts n ure brain goes funny)

p.s. sorry 4 ure loss azwell

Oh my freakin' head... I'm so wasted

Oh >d<rap! You're goin' to try n cheer me up, aren't you?
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