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Well, I"m pegged as a conservative Christian. Most new Christians in with all the new Christian Rock music and all of that are conservative (I tend to go with both traditional and contemporary crowds very easily). I find that the people more serious about their faith, who devote themselves to God, are all the conservative Christians.

Liberal Christians, from my experience, are those who only go to church because they have to, or are't really so committed to the church. They interprit the Bible in ways to satisfy their own sins, even though confession is the only way to satisfy a sin. It is a damning sin to add or subtract from the Bible- every good Christian knows that.

But anyhow, back on topic, even if you look at this as a case of equal rights, there's something wrong. You want to supress the rights of the Church, and strengthen the rights of the Government to control the Church. That sounds like perfect equality- Government control of the church. Yeah- that's what the Communists and the Fascists like Hitler tried to do. The US now charges some Churches taxes, and they say where we can and cannot preach the word. Now they want to take away one of our most celebrated of ceremonies? They want to spit in our faces and say- "you've been doing this for thousands of years with success, and now we're gonna screw around with it!"

The politicians know this is horrible too. YOU WILL NOT FIND A MAJOR PARTY CANDIDATE IN FAVOR OF GAY MARRIAGE! Yes, both Bush and Kerry oppose it. Why would the two most important names in the United States right now, with opposing beliefs, have one mutual opinion? That is because they realize it is out-stepping the government's power to meddle with the church. They've read about Separation of Church and State, and they want to follow it.

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