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Dfsg you have brought up some really good points, good enough that you made me question myself, and further investigate this (which is the point of debate). Researching, I have found the difference between the religious conservatives and religious liberals. The more conservative view is that the bible was a direct inspiration from God (I guess that has to also include modern day publishing companies who produce copies of the book). Religious liberals see the bible as a bunch of letters and other writings written by people trying to spread the teachings of Jesus, while doing this as a human (a imperfect sinful being) and so bringing in some of their own biases from time to time. This could explain some of the minor inconsistencies that occur in the book. I am going to get into one other point that is extremely off track before I get back to the actual debate. Women physically are not built to be as strong as men, meaning a woman at their physical top is not going to be as strong as a man at his physical top. Most of us are not at our physical top, and if a woman really wanted to be their and do it, their most likely going to be stronger then the rest of the people in her life, woman or man. But in a society where our houses, cars and everything else is built for us by machine, where our food has been produced, harvest, or killed and rapped in plastic, strength really makes no difference in moving through daily life. Men also make up most of the rich elite, but you forget to consider the fact that the end to obvious sexism in society is still a recent victory, and if we look at the civil rights movement we can see change after victory is not immediate. Also that institutional sexism still exists, where it at some points is a subconscious sexism. Finally it has been medically proven that the literal make up of the brain is different between the sexes, so each side as their general strengths and weaknesses. For example studies have shown that women are better at concentrating on multiple things at the same time, while men are better at concentrating at one thing at a time.

But finally we get back to why we are hear, do homosexuals have the right to join together. People more and more see this as a religious fight, when it has nothing to do with religion. All that is being fought for is the right to join millions of other heterosexual couples in the United States coming together in civil unions. Under the guise of religious morals gays are being denied the right to the same benefits as heterosexuals. Yes, religion is a private club and can make their own rules, but when it comes to civil unions, not allowing homosexual couples the same benefits is a basic civil rights violation.
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