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About a month and a half ago my friend Kora committed suicide and I am still terrifed to go to bed at night bc everytime i close my eyes b4 i go to sleep i c her...... im like really kreeped out by it she hung her bedroomcloset......i miss her like crazy.....but im glad she gets to be with her mom now and like i cut myself and stuff and like ppl are worried about me but i dont really get why they are like i used to threaten suicide and i tried it once but now after i saw how muh everyone was hurting after she did it i dont think i could! i wish i could juust like get on with my life but it seems like its movin so slowly after she did it....why are my friends so worried about me cutting? i mean i know its bad and all but im not gonna do what kora did........SO CONFUSED!!!!!! HELP ME PLEASE

I loved him and then he left bringing every bit of reality back into the nightmare of living another day without him.
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