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Yes I put a pair of pants on daily but thats what todays society does. Its also UNIFORM for my school and job to where a long gray t and a pair of denim or kaky slacks. I DONT OWN A SKIRT NOR DRESSS!


In Romans and Revalations and Acts <the three most stresed books of the new testiment at my church and in my city> it mentions something that Girls cant get around from doing that we cant help but do.

Men are the "higher gender" and women are the "lower gender". Its because up until WWII Women belived that they had to be house wives, then the Rosie's Girls came around.

Rosie the Rivitor and the Rosie's Girls History:

Prior to World War II, women were traditionally homemakers. But in 1942, thousands of American men were shipped to European and Pacific battlefields. A homefront crisis ensued - a severe shortage of labor to keep American businesses going, and to build the planes, ships and ammunition needed by troops.

In an effort to ease this problem, the United States War Production Coordinating Committee commissioned a poster of Rosie, the Riveter. Proclaiming, " We Can Do It ," the poster was designed to encourage women to leave their traditional roles in the home and enter the labor force. And they did - by the thousands - forever changing our views of what American women are "suppose" to do.

Rosie's Girls are the daughters and granddaughters of real-life Rosie's. Rosie wasn't their names. Rosie is what they were - women of the 1940s, young and old - all with a "Can Do" attitude, doing their part to help America in its time of need.

In todays world Men still have that small tendency to "over power" women.


In a marriage the Bible is read. The part of the Bible that is most likly going to be read in a normal weding is from the book of Romans!

So i dont think that Gay Marriage should be aloud to happen and i dont think that its right.