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Ah ha- I see all you write in your rebuttal has a theme. Every single reference is from the Old Testament (save the Timothy reference).

Jesus came as a living sacrifice for us, which banished all the old Jewish laws. Yes, Jews still try to follow the rules, but Christians don't need to.

I hate it when people use Deuteronomy and such against me. Jesus suffered so I wouldn't need to worry about the sacrifices of Jewish law.

Now, I used a passage in Romans, one of the most Powerful New Testament books, to show that even after Jesus, Homosexuality was a sin. Sinning by having sex during a period, and all that gobledigook was stopped by Jesus's Death and Resurection, but sins of Homosexual acts were still sins.

Maybe you should read more into my theology before criticizing me on it.

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(but your medical doctor will probably end up killing you )
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