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Originally Posted by 1337 Man
Originally Posted by maximan
Who says heterosexuals wouldn't then ahve the right to marry homosexually?
Several heterosexuals have blatantly stated they do not want that right.
What does that prove....

I know what it proves, that you are naive!

If gay people are given the right to marry the same sex it is not giving them a right above heterosexuals. Heterosexuals still have the option to marry homosexually as was originally stated by maximan.

That would be giving a right to both sexual orientations, it is not unfair in anway.

You seem to be making a habit of reversing the topic, that's a very primitive strategy, perhaps if you backed it up with good evidence when you do infact reverse the claim then your argument might not be more valid.

There is no reason why homosexuals should not have the equal right of marrying a partner they love as heterosexuals do everyday. Equality is a good argument. Adding a new right doesn't make it unequal, or one sided, it just inputs a new rule which should have always been there in the first place.

Religion is the cause of much of societys down fall as it is today but it also is the cause of many good things. However religion on state policy and law is silly, as the truth is 100% of the population do not believe in Christianity, if they did, then using christian driven morals in law and state would be justified, however that is not the case.

Yet that is what is happening all around the world. A prime example is G W Bush.

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