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What ever Gay Marriage is wrong. Its immoral, unjusticefied, and against the belife of the bible. If god meant for Man to date, screw, kiss, the whole nine yards another Man then it wouldn't be in the bible NOT TO.

I personaly out side of belive think it is nasty and wrong any way. Why would anybody want that?!? Its unhuman. and I dont like the thought of it.

It brings the Status of the USA down. Personaly i think it disrespects the county as a whole. I also think that if less teens and younger adults worried More about school and work and less about being "gay" ...COUGH COUGH HOMOSEXUALS...... Then there would be more chances of bringing our country out of the whole its dug its self into. G.W.Bush Jr. has tried to express this before but liberals and none Repulicans/Conservatives requote hime to make our President sound like he wants Gay Marriage.

I fully support the Fedual Marriage Protection Admindment, and ir you wish to support it to email me at [email protected].

Yes, I sin so does everyone else in this world, but Homosexuality is THE MOST SINNFUL THING I HAVE HEARD OF NEXT TO HOMOSIDE AND SUICIDE.Its wrong and evil and doings of the devil.