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Originally Posted by James
Originally Posted by 1337 Man people still have the right to marry! They have the exact same right as straight people: To marry people of the opposite sex!
you are really fucking up this debate.
the discussion here is, gay people who want to marry the person of the same sexto whom they are in love with, what you are doing is twisting this
you are saying that they have to right to marry, but not to somone of the same sex

to be honest, this is totally a stupid that you are making that may result in some distubances. if you continue ill either edit or delete posts, but not close this topic, you have been warned
You don't get my point.

I'm all for gay marriage, let them do whatever they want, as long as they don't do it to me.

My point is, they shouldn't use "EQUALITY" as their argument, because they'll have MORE rights than a heterosexual if gay marriage is allowed.

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