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Originally Posted by James
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Originally Posted by maximan
That's the worst argument ever. I could say "well heterosexuals dont have the right to join gay alliances or go to gay bars!", but that would be a retarded and pointless arguement.

We're asking for someone to be able to marry someone they LOVE. So not only gays, but transsexuals should be able to marry as well, if its love they're confessing.

Once again, that was a stupid arguement
I know it's a shitty argument.

My point is that using EQUALITY as your argument won't work.
YES IT WILL! They're both getting the right to marry the person they love!
i agree with you!

all people are equal no matter of their sexual orintation, race, religion, abilities/disabilities and all that jazz! so it is a thing about equality

in fact in the UDHR (United Nations Declaration of Human Rights)
Article 16: Everyone has the right to marry

of course a declaration is a serious statement but isnt legally binding, but i do believe that refuseal to gay marriages is a breach of our human rights people still have the right to marry! They have the exact same right as straight people: To marry people of the opposite sex!

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