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Originally Posted by Dfsg
Wow- I was quoted

Anyhoo, There's not much more I can argue on this topic. I've put a lot into the last one. I do think that many of the heterosexual gay rights activists will change their mind as time goes on, and they get married.

There's even gays who don't want the right to marry. Those are mainly Christian gays. We do accept em all, just as any sinner, but we won't accept a sin as good. Some may lie, cheat, and steal, but it's still not good, even if many people in society think otherwise.

Some of us have the genetic tendancies and brain qwerks to end up gay, or to end up doing other things. There is a genetic disorder called "super-male" (where a man gets two Y's and an X- I don't know how it happens, but it happens). They are more likely to have high testosterone, and to steal, rape, and murder. A shockingly high percentage of them are in jail. This is their nature, this is how it is for them, but does it make it right to just go ahead and do it? There are rules.

In the same way, the Church has rules. The government controls civil unions, and the Church controls maraige. You can't just break with it. The church has, for thousands of years, not recognized gay maraige (even in a time when many roman's were gay). The bible has told us this, and God must have some reason for it. So, if you don't want to confess a sin of homosexuality and try to improve it, you are just telling God you don't want Him. If you don't want God, then you must not want maraige in His name.
Oh yes lets associate gays with murder, rape, stealing, etc. NOT


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