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Sometimes I'll wake up crying and knowing I had a horrible dream but i can't remember what it was and other times I'll have strange dreams and I'll have one where I can see but I can't move. Its like my eyes are open but I can't move them or anything else, just stare straight up, and there is a guy standing over me to the side but I can't look at him and it scares me so bad but there is nothing I can do. One time I had it and the guy was moving his hands towards me and I was furiously thinking to myself MOVE, MOVE MOVE! and I made myself wake up. I woke up and no one was there but I always remember those things so vividly. I'll always see black things at the corner of my eye, moving but when I look they aren't there. Also, sometimes when I'm alone at the house. I can hear my mom in the distance screaming for me, and screaming for help. At first it scared the living fuck out of me, but then I knew it wasn't real. It doesn't happen that frequently. Only when I'm alone, about every month or two it'll happen.
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