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Default GAY MARRIAGE, response to the "Marriage Defenders"

"Well, that is what maraige will become if homosexual maraiges are handed out like lolly pops in a pediatrician's office.

How could you think of maraige as just a piece of paper? That makes it much less important, and not worthy of such a critical argument.

For once, I do think John Kerry is right. He wants more rights for gays in a civil union, but is still against gay maraige. This provides protections for the both religious world, and the homosexual world." -Dfsg

I respect your view, and am not trying to attack you, just using your quote to make a point. In a country where in 1998 2.2 million couples married and 1.1 couples divorced, where in 2000 58 million couples stayed married but were seperated, where 1/3 of divorce cases continue on in bitter fights years after and where each year over 1 million children are effected by divorce I do not know why you think allowing gays to marry will make the picture any worse then it is. I can maybe count two or three of my friends parents that are still together. On TV we have shows where people are cast and then americans choose who they marry right on prime time tv. I would think in a time where the sanctity of marriage is being tested, its advocates would support a new pool of people wanting to come together out of simple love, and in many cases to adopt a child so he/she can grow up in a loving family instead of foster care facility. But because they do not support the people holding up the very ideals these marriage defenders are desperately looking for it seems that there must be another reason for wanting to hold back gay marriage. To many, understanding that a homosexual has the same level of feelings when it comes to a relationship as a heterosexual is hard. Accepting that homosexuality is as natural as heterosexuality may also be hard. (Even through homosexuality has been proven to exist in at least 63 different types of animals, including the cat, the dog, the gorilla, the housefly, and the dolphin) The only problem these "marriage defenders" are fighting is gay marriage, making it seem that, thats not what they are really fighting at all.
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