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Originally Posted by Ekia aj
Thank you for apologizing. I really do not like to debate with people who cannot act mature about it, it defy's the point of a debate. Now, I cannot "break your logic" because that is your logic. Just like you cannot break my logic. But I can tell you what I think.

Putting tax benefits aside,

First of all, I think marriage is a state of mind and a feeling. If you are with someone long enough to know you cannot live without them, you are married. If you absolutly need it written on paper, as if paper has more meaning to you than true feelings, you do not really feel married. I'm not saying that just because you are married (in paper) you do not feel married. I am asking why do gays have to feel that reassurance of marriage? Can't they just say they are married even if they are not considered such by the government? Why does it matter if the government knows? I know that I can feel married without reassurance from the government or a piece of paper. My Great Aunt is not married, but lives with the man she loves and has for many years. She does not need the reassurance of a piece of paper to know that she loves him and he loves her.

So, I leave you with a question, why do gays need that reasurrance and why do they push it so much?

Oh for god sakes! You're saying here whys it so important that the government recognizes the why dont we just scrap marraige all together! Why do ANY couples need the reassurance? And gay and lesbian couples can still adopt a child or get a donor to help them have a child so there's still the possibility they'll have a kid! So yes, they need the tax benefits. Plus, gays want it to be recognized so they can be EQUAL CITIZENS! Either everyone gets the benefits, or noone does. End of story.. I'ts all about EQUALITY.
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