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A classmate of mind named Grace killed herself New Year's Eve. It's ad because she was sooo special and funny and smart and beautiful. She loved the theatre. She wanted to grow up and be an actress. Hwever, she was manic depressive and she killed herself and her mom found her dead from both an od of her meds and "self-inflicted wounds." She was in Florida visting her grandparents. IT's too sad.

Grace shouldn't have died. She should have realized that there were people here who would grieve and even want to kill themselves, but she didn't. Before she gulped down the pills, she didn't remember the smiling faces of friends or family. If she had, she wouldn't have done it, but there's nothing anyone can do to bring her back.

There's nothing you could have done to stop Kora. It was her own choice and she picked the wrong option. I know you miss her and probably wish she was still here, but hurting yourself won't bring her back or solve any of your other problems. We gotta face things even if they hurt.

Please, every1 worries about ur cutting because you might accidentally go to far. That's why they're worried. Cutting is no good for your health either. Blood loss isn't exactly healthy, so please stop doing it for your own sake.

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