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is masturbation against the lord? I have been wondering 4 a while becuz when i masturbate i dont want 2 b sinning everytime i do, BUt it feels so it a sin when u dont use pornography. Fo example matsubating 2 girls in swimsuits like sports illistrated swim suit adition. And i sometimes jack-off and sometimes i like rub the bottom of my cock. Is there ne other wat 2 masturbate other than this. And does zinc enlarge the penis becuz my dostor has me taking it. She said that it gives u more hair and developes u more. How much bigger shood my penis get while mastubating than when itz limp. ans=d shood my penis get bigger while mastubating or b the same size as when i has an erection.

Masturbation is not wrong. Looking at porn is not a "sin"*. Can't give out masturbation tips here. Zinc- NO IDEA sounds like a hormone pill. Masturbation doesn't make ur penis larger. As for the penis size from limp to hard-- can't help ya there.

* I say "sin" because I am not christian (I am wiccan--don't ask, don't comment) Just clarifying

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