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Default Re: Checklist of Common OCD Symptoms

Symptom: Sexual thoughts that one views as inappropriate/unacceptable
Symptom: Fears that one may be homosexual
Symptom: Repeating questions over and over
Symptom: Unfounded fears that one has failed to do some routine task
Symptom: Troublesome blasphemous or sacrilegious thoughts
Symptom: Excessive concerens about morality and right or wrong
Symptom: Fear of having caused some fatal tragedy
Symptom: Repeatedly checking to see if a door is locked or an appliance is turned off
Symptom: Checking and rechecking for mistakes
Symptom: Checking associated with bodily obsessions
Symptom: Asking over and over for reassurance
Symptom: A feeling of dread if some arbitrary act is not performed
Symptom: The need to ask, tell or confess

OCD do you think?
Also theres this voice in my head that says something will happen if i dont do something eg. i'll die if i dont go outside. Would that be OCD?

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