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Originally Posted by the_hope_house
Most of the symptoms stopped after I told Alannah to visit me in some other way (I've been dreaming of her ever since). Sometimes I still "feel" someone standing at my door, watching me, even if it was for the sake of watching. I wouldn't see anything, I wouldn't hear anything anymore, I'd just feel something there. Ever since Alannah died I've been able to "feel" things that weren't really there. I hear her talking to me inside my head. Sometimes I don't know if the voice inside my head is mine or her own.
You might feel alot better if you start living your life, rather than living Allanah's. I don't know much about her, but if anything there is no way for you to 'bring her back' in this world, or contact her. Continuesly trying to contact her, is risking your own sanity. Grief is completly normal, everything your experiancing is not surprising seeing as you've lost your twin, but sometime your gonna have to start living your life.

Sorry if i was too blunt.

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