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use a cock ring, when i do my cock is harder and the veins pop out, i reckon adds about half inch in length and thickness, but sometimes it gets a bit sore if use it too long. It makes my head heaps fatter too and when i wanked with one I shot the biggest load. They are also good to wear during the day (but make sure its big enough) and make your package lift a bit and your balls hang lower. Also keeps your softy a bit more plump and so looks bigger.

I actually never considered cockrings for ages, I mean i came across them online but wasn't interested, but then i found a rubber ring on the ground in the toilet at work. Took me a while but i figured out what it was which is pretty funny cos there was only one other guy there at the time, so he knows he lost his cock ring and i know he wears one - of course it will never be discussed. He'll never know that I now wear his cockring to work sometimes, hahaha!

Anyway, this ring is a good one cos it can stretch a bit, here's a pic of what it looks like:

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I haven't tried any others, but the metal ones might feel good against your balls?

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