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I have read the constitution. Legally, Budahism is a religion. There are Gay Budahists. But to Budahists, Budahism is a "Train of Thought" or "Beleif", not a religion. So what I meant was, legally, gay Budahists should be allowed to get married. I'm sorry I didn't get into the specifics on as to what I was talking about. . My appoligies. But it isn't just Buddahists. There are many "Beleifs" out there that include gays in their practices. (Catholics for instance.....JUST KIDDING)

I do however support the republican party. (I think Bush should be shot to death but besides him.....) I beleive in their economic policy (with the exception of Bush). Their foreign policy (again without Bush).

I do support that people should all be treated as equals and if straghts can do it then Why Cant I? I am 14 years old and I have a boyfriend. We havn't done anything God wouldn't want us to do. (Seriously, read the Holy Bible, nothing about gays in there.)

According to every reason we fought the Civil War, All people should be treated equally. I just want to know why people can't understand who I am. Why doesn't the United States Government, to which in 4 years I will have to sign a draft card to, love me? Why am I different? My friends dont mind thte fact that I'm gay, but the government does! (please note all my friends are straight.) My parents love me and understand me. But the government doesnt. I just want understood.
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