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Default Re: Read this -> What is Anorexia Nervosa and Bulimia

God, you try having this DISEASE.
You do not choose to be anorexic. Or bulimic.
It is a disease, a disorder, one that controls you and can destroy you.

No one would want to be like this, no one chooses this, do you choose to develop schizophrenia? No. Do you choose to have ADHD? No. Do you choose to have cancer? No. You do not choose to have a mental health disorder. You must have had a lovely life if you think people choose this day to day life of hell.

I have anorexia and bulimia, currently trying to recover, doing well with bulimia, but I am extremely ill(main cause is not the ED) and eating is hard when you feel as ill as I do, so anorexia is not going so well but I am eating, so better than nothing.
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