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Originally Posted by AngelEyez86
Well I love my privacy and whenever I'm in my room and I'm the computer or when I'm not facing my door, I look back to make sure it is closed about every 10 minutes. It annoys me sometimes because I KNOW it's closed but my brain doesn't seem to know it. grrr
I do that all the time! And I have these mirrored closet doors, which I'm constantly turning around and checking because I'm afraid something is at the window but I can't see it except in the reflection. I also have this issue with having my door open. When it's open, it has to be ALL THE WAY open, like right up against the wall, and if it's closed it has to be completely closed, I have to hear the little click. The one I do the most though is probably when I go to bed and think I left my heater on - I always have to get up and check it even if I know I did, often multiple times, but I've been controlling that a little better lately.

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