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Originally Posted by Timantha
my science teacher said that scientists have successfully created life with just water... maybe he's lying... and you can't use the Bible as proof of aliens visiting earth because no one can really say that the bible is 100% correct. afterall it says that it rained straight for 5 days and 5 nights (either that or 40 days & 40 nights...) and it flooded the entire earth... but even at 40 full days of the heaviest raining couldnt flood the earth. and rain at it's heaviest would cause there to be so much water dissolved into the air that people would drown taking a breath....
Well, scientists have found proof of a massive flood of the major populated area of the earth which could have killed off most people alive. It occured around the black sea. God's power can defy conventional wisdom!

As for the Daniel reference, I was just putting forth a religous perspective on it all

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