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Originally Posted by lizi View Post
i love losing weight.i dont want to stop.everytime i reach a goal i set a lower one.sometimes i wonder whats wrong with me.but most of the time im depressed until i dont eat.
it sounds like you are developing/have an eating disorder
if anything you should consult your family doctor

Originally Posted by VCSCjosie View Post
ok well i agree with all that josh, i have struggled in the past with an eating disorder for like 5 years, and have battled anorexia and bulimia, and that is all true. i have over come my addicition but right at this moment i kinda want to just go back. not for any attention it's just i want to be thin again, because i gained so much weight in this past year...what should i do? help!
if you go back think about all da things you went through to get to the healthy point you are at now
if you go back you just have to work hard again to get back out
you might have gained weight but you probably look a lot better

Originally Posted by titanic View Post
a part of my think i have some sort of eating disorda, but i dont think that i am skiiiny, everone esle say it though. can you have an eating disorda but no be bones?
not thinking that you are skinny can sometimes be a problem if u r trying to deny it as a problem
but u can have 1 and not b bones
it isnt all just being skinny and physical appearance its about mental stuff 2

Originally Posted by Evrythng_im_not View Post
Chances are high that I have anorexia nervosa... and I love it. Does that make me a bad person? To want to be thin? To be perfect? I keep putting my gf through hell, but I think it's worth it.
y do u love that chances are high? are you suicdial?are you trying to get attention or escape something? it doesnt make you a bad person it just means u have a problem just like everyone in the world but ur problem isnt easily understood
try to think y do u want to b thin? r u healthy rite now? y do u think being thin=perfect? IT DOESN'T. when you read obituaries in the newspapers do u see the people telling about how thin the person was or how much they weighed etc. no they tell about all the things they have done in their life to touch other peoples lives and all the good times
if you rele care about your gf you wouldnt think it was worth it bc u never no that can lead to a break up seriously

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