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This is a new day and age. Homosexuals deserve MARRIAGE...not civil unions...MARRIAGE.

It should be the right of the church to not let gays marry in their church. Marriage DOES, however, have some benefits that civil unions do not.

Some religious leaders, like the High Priestesses of Wicca, for example, would marry gays if it were legal. Some priests would as well.

According to the Bible, lending money is a sin. Should banks be shut down? Premarital sex is also a sin. Should it be illegal?

The United States was not founded on the church. The church should have no say in what goes on in our government.

Besides...they're are many debates about the words used in the Bible. When translated, "gay" may have meant another word (I forget which). Same with the word that translated as "virgin." In Greek (or of the two), the word for "virgin" is the same as the word for "young girl." The Immaculate Conception could be a scam. We really need a liberal Greek and a liberal Hebrew well as conservative ones to debate. Then, there would be less questions.
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