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Oops- sorry about my typo a few posts back!

And yes, the catholic church especially turns down divorces (hehe, good old Henry the VIII). The number is more like 1 in 2 that end in divorce, but that's terrible. I think the church is right, though. Many couples (especially parents) who get into arguments try to be rash. Why can't they work things out?

Back at the turn of the century, 1 in 32 maraiges (give or take) ended in divorce. People talked things out. They made their peace, and kept together. Divorce didn't become really popular until the 80s. It is terrible now to see people with a million ex-husbands or ex-wives who aren't dead.

This just shows how little people really care. You'll fight to save the rainforest or take down nuclear power plants, but you wont take care of your own relationships? Pitiful.

The church knows that these things happen, and people are overreacting often when seeking divorce. Most churches don't even blink when there's abuse involve- they'll divorce ya, but the other squabbling can be fixed.

The church is only looking out for people. They want to keep the laws and traditions of the church alive, as they are the moral things to do. Morality seems almost dead in this country. No one can trust anyone, theives and rapists are everywhere, American community itself has collapsed! All the negative things like this that happen, bring a downward slope in community. They are going up JUST AS FAST as the downward trend in church attendance. Take a look at the charts. You'll find a nice discussion of this is Putnam's "Bowling Alone".

Try to say all these immoral changes are helping the world out. Find me concrete proof.

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