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Originally Posted by Dfsg
Well, that is what maraige will become if homosexual maraiges are handed out like lolly pops in a pediatrician's office.

How could you think of maraige as just a piece of paper? That makes it much less important, and not worthy of such a critical argument.

For once, I do think John Kerry is right. He wants more rights for gays in a civil union, but is still against gay maraige. This provides protections for the both religious world, and the homosexual world.
thats how it already is... you sign a peace of paper and your married legally? marraige shouldnt be a legal matter in the frist place! its for you, your partner, your family and god. and the thing about that is that its completely up to the homosexual...

i also hate when people call it an abomination... we have done plenty of things considered an abomination under god! therefor we have no right to jugde

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