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Well, the government doesn't say a guy can't fall in love with a guy- that would be plain stupid. That would be in denial that homosexuality exists. That is why we have civil unions that cover gays in love.

My problem with a gay maraige is that maraige is something that is religious. Maraige is biblically and historically something to join a man and a woman to create a family and perpetuate humanity. A man to man, or a woman to woman maraige can not have children, and can not perpetuate life.

The government should not be placing restrictions or taking away restrictions on something that should be controlled by the Church. That goes against Separation of Church and State.

Yes- separation of Church and State should work in favor of the church sometimes. It seems that that law only hinders churches, but in this case, the government is trying to meddle in church affairs.

So I say go ahead- love those of your same gender. Move in together, be proud of it. Just don't expect to be recognized as maried.

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(but your medical doctor will probably end up killing you )
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