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Originally Posted by dante2587
some people might disagree with me, but hitler was a great leader, yes he did horrible things, but as tick tock said, for a guy to brainwash a whole country, is freakin amazing.
I agree.

Not all of the Germans were Nazis, friend. About 1/3 of them though that what Hitler was doing was right. They were either to enlist and serve their country, or be EXECUTED. Back then, THERE WERE NO GOTHIC BELIEVERS. They wanted to LIVE. If you were a German man back in that time, YOU WOULD DO THAT. If it was specifically you, maybe not, but otherwise YOU WOULD BE BROUGHT UP TO BELIEVE IN THE GOVERNMENT AND HAVE THE WILL TO SURVIVE.

I, for one, know this for these reasons.

1. I watch The History Channel. Watch it sometimes, you braindead adolescent bastards (I dont REALLY mean the braindead adolescent bastards thing, it just sounds good in the sentence).

2. I had a past-life experience where, I a soldier on D-Day, and I was in the bunkers, clearing them out. I came out from behind my cover after reloading, then my gun jammed and only ONE GERMAN OUT OF FIVE STANDING THERE ACTUALLY SHOT AT ME. I WAS THE ONLY ONE THERE. I got killed, though. The way I know this was a past-life experience was because I HAD NOT PLAYED ANY OF SORT OF WAR GAME, THOUGHT ABOUT ANYTHING THAT HAD TO DO WITH WAR, AND I WAS NOT IN CONTROL OF WHAT I WAS DOING IN THE DREAM.

If you don't agree with me, so be it. You are denying the truth, and your conscience may not know it, but your brain does so it denies it.

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