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I'm also aware that this is currently a small community, and I see it progressing to a much, much larger one, therefor, eventually we will need guidelines for sure, because, like I said earlier, you can't stop the inevitable, people will fight and things will get out of hand. If we start to have them earlier in this community it will be easier to control and things wont get chaotic as it starts to get bigger.

But anyways, here they are...

1. No name calling, bad mouthing, being told to shut up, etc...
2. Small disputes are aloud as long as they don't get out of hand.
3. No making fun of or putting down anyone for anything including beliefs and mental disorders
4. No ordering, bossing people around.
5. No preaching anything moral or immoral like sex, drugs, alcohol use, religions, etc...
6. No ism's. (Racism, Sexism, Agism, etc...)

Thats all I have for now. They are common knowledge, but once and awhile you will have a few people who may need a reminder. If you have any ideas to add to the list to to take off feel free because I want everybodies input. This is a community, and I believe everyone should have a say in what goes down here. AND if we need to add something because someone is offended or anything I will recommend it goes on the list.

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