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I don't think all Nazi's were bad at all. When you say 'Nazi' you shouldn't include citizens of WW2 Germany, but the Government and any followers.

But the fact remains that only a few groups of people knew about the camps at all. Most Nazi's really didn't know about them. After WW1, Germany was at it's lowest, the Wall Street Crash had made it so bad that a loaf of bread could cost hundreds of thousands of Deutschmarks. The Nazi's had a plan to stop all the suffering and so the people of Germany elected Hitler as the Fuhrer.

They didn't say in their political campaign "We hate ethnic minorites and will kill them" otherwise they would never be elected. They seemed the perfect answer to Germany's problems and for a few years they were! Hitler didn't just start killing people. In fact we were (in Britain) on good terms with Hitler, Chamberlain went and visited Hitler and famously said "Peace in our time" two years before WW2 broke.

We had trade with Germany, at the Docks near me, there are photos of Nazi Blimps ferrying Germans and British people between the two countries.

Only when Hitler outlawed any other political party, thus making Germany a Dictatorship, did things go wrong.

But by then he had such a huge amount of power, even if you did disagree with what they did, you couldn't protest against it or you would be shot, you did as you were told, regardless of whether you liked it or not.

So no, not all Nazi's were scum, in fact, I bet a huge amount of them were pretty decent folk. They didn't want to be shot, they had families too, even the Generals.
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