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Default Goodness Gracious, you people are way behind

It surprises me how little you people know of spirtuality. First of all, the reason there is suffering on earth is because the creator gave humans free will. Why did the creator do this? He/she did this becuz she wanted a life form that did not operate solely on instinct. Thus, humans were given free will and intellect. Also, the reason the creator wanted a smart life form was that someone or something would appreciate His/ Her work. He/she wanted to share what he/she had worked so hard on to produce. Now, it is illogical to deny that there is a creator. Science takes us as far back as the Big Bang. Now tell me. What was there to make that molten ball explode? Nothing else you say, will that does not make any sense now does it? Wait, where did the hot sphere come from? You don't know? Well, that doesn't make any sense. I say something was there all along that made this ball and then decided to make it explode. Furthermore, on a philosophical level, one must consider that there is such intelligent order within our universe. Planets revolve in elliptical orbits around central stars. Electrons, protons, and neutrons form atoms. Atoms form molecules. Molecules shape together tof form substances. Molecules can make organelles. Organelles make cells. Cells make tissue. Tissue makes organs, then organ sytems, multi-cellular organisms, population, ecosystems, then the biospehere which is basically the earth. Now conider this. Saying the earth is random is like saying the a lightning bolt struck metal in a junkyard and created and i Mac. It is simply ridiculous. Our universe is simple too comples to be unplanned. Something knew what they were doing. Some of us just happen to call that God. Now, there's the issue of the Bible, which I would like to say does not truly come from God's mouth, but from a bunch of old guys who had nothing better to do than sit around and write stuff. All of the people whose writings are found in the bible are what I would call poets. It is poetry because it can be interpreted on so many different levels. I would say the writings of the Bible are no law, but more of weak guidelines that were designed for the time in shich they were written. Don't be moronic and tell me that the Bible says it's OK to sell your daughter into slavery. Now, we know better, bu the people of the time of the Bible still could not undertsand that. People, there is no need to take things in the Bible literally, yet there is no need to be hatin' on the people who do. Come on, wake up! Jesus Christ is a symbol of ultimate love. Ultimate love people. Why did he choose to die? WHY? WHY? He did it so that we might be enlightened and see that life is not only material possessions but much much more. Hey, there's other people on this planet with me. Maybe we should help each other out? DUH DUH DUH DUH DUH! It is right there in front of you. If Jesus, existed or nott, that's a question you ppl should answer! I don't really wanna gett too off topic. Now, hell. Waht should I say about hell? Hell is something that scares morally immature people into being good so that they can have a good place in the afterlife. Hell is a load of bullshit. Now, Satan i believe in because the universe is balnced and there can be no good w/o evil, but I do not belive they are evenly atched. God has more power over Satan cuz God made the whole universe in the first place. Satan is just trying to overthorw God. I think of Goad as a fatherly/motherly figuyr because of all the good he's given us. Children are born, butwe choose to throw them in trash cans cuz we weren't ready fr the responsibility. We were given a beaytiful planet with creatures aplenty, but we choose to kill hundreds of species eeryday. Even though God knew we'd mess up his utopia, he wanted to share with a smarter creature. He made us. Now, since he made everything there is no reason to believe that he forgive us as well. Now, just don't think He will be stepped on. You are forgiven iof there's incentive and u sow that ur being a better person. That's how this sytem works. And, where do we go if we dont get into heavemn? Simple, purgatory/heaven. Here u gotta wait 4 the ppl u've hurt 2 forgive you. Becuz they're human they will forgive you at some ponit. So no1 needs to go to Hell. There I think I've got everything I wanted to say off my chest. So go ahead. scrutinize me, I'll forgive u in the end.

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